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At St Margaret’s we are very lucky in that we have such a huge and diverse amount of languages that are spoken by the children and parents. This makes our children the ideal candidates to learn another language.



In Key Stage 2 all the children have a regular weekly French lesson taught by teachers who are fluent French speakers,  Mlle Bleloch and Miss Gregson.

 These lessons are approached in lots of active ways, through songs, competitions, sport, games, film and drama with the intention of getting the children feeling comfortable about listening to, understanding and speaking French and eventually being able to read and write in French.

This approach continues throughout each year group. The basic foundations of the language are laid down from the beginning so that the children understand the grammatical structures. Each year, the same important topics are revisited, remembered and developed a little further.  Finally the children in Year 6 have been corresponding with their own individual e-pals/pen pals in a school in Montluçon, France. This has been fabulous and has really brought their learning to life.  

There are also whole school French activities such as celebrating Mardi Gras and learning French songs in whole school singing practice.

We value the rich variety of languages our children learn at home and at school. It also improves the academic abilities and opportunities for the children.  So please continue to speak to your child in your home language and to support them in learning French.

Merci beaucoup!

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J'adore jouer au foot final finished

French film about football and other sports.

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