Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs from 8am every morning. 

The charge for Breakfast Club for this school year will remain at £2.00 per day. 

This price will include the choice of up to three items from the list below:

  • Cereal – Shreddies or Rice Krispies

  • Drinks – apple juice, orange juice, hot chocolate

  • Toast

The cost of each session is standard and will not be dependent on the time your child/ren arrive.  The last time a child is allowed into breakfast club is 8.30am, this ensures all children have finished eating their breakfast by the start of the school day.

If you wish your child to come to breakfast club you must reserve and pay for your place, in advance, via the school App. Please be aware that, if you haven't pre-booked, there may not be room in breakfast club as breakfast club is strictly limited to 60 places each day. 

Please note that nursery children need to be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any queries or concerns please come and speak to Mrs Anjum or Ms Neish in the school office.