Eco Warriors

Welcome to our Eco-Warrior page dedicated to everything Eco-friendly! At St. Margaret's we try very hard to support our Eco-Warriors in their aim to make our school more Eco-friendly and sustainable.


Walk to school

Only use what you need

Recycle and re use

Lights out when not in use

Don't drop Litter

Green Team Weekly Newsletter

Each week we will be posting our Green Team Newsletter

What is an Eco-Warrior and why do we have them?

An Eco-warrior is someone who is passionate about helping save the world. From small things like picking up litter and recycling to campaigning for global issues. There are no tasks too big or too small for our Eco-Warriors.

What qualities does an Eco-Warrior need?

To be a good Eco-Warrior you need to:

  • Have excellent ideas.

  • Be punctual.

  • Be caring and considerate.

  • Be reliable.

  • Be helpful.

  • Want to help save the WORLD!

Walk to school

St Margaret's C of E Primary School encourages pupils to travel to school sustainably. Walking and cycling to school are the best ways to look after the environment, get some exercise and reduce congestion around the school gates. Please travel safely and walk, cycle or use public transport if you can. If you live within the zone below, you are only 10 minutes walk away from school!

Map 10minute walk.png


Hi, I'm Luke. I run my own business called Recycle Bees and work at St Margaret's every Wednesday. My job is to work across different schools to help children and staff make environmentally friendly changes that will help not only themselves but the world around them. This can help them save money and feel good about doing their part to help save the world!