We are excited to tell you that we use Mathletics as part of learning both in school and at home. Mathletics is helping children at St Margaret's to enjoy maths and increase their breadth and depth of mathematical understanding. Mathletics has many aspects from quick fire calculations, times-table music videos and interactive tutorials in line with the maths topics covered in the primary curriculum. This page will show you how you can support your child in using Mathletics at home

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What is my child's Mathletics Username and Password?

1. You child's teacher will have given you a letter containing a username and password. These details are used to access your child's Mathletics account.

2. If you have not yet received your details, please contact school and provide details about your child and which class they are in or you can complete the form at the bottom of this page.

How Do Students Use Their Login Details?
1. Students search the web for 'Mathletics' on the computer. Or, install the 'Mathletics Students' App on an iOS or Android device.










2. Students type in their Username and Password and click/tap 'Sign in'.

How Do Students Complete Work?

1. If the class teacher has set your child some work to complete at home, this will appear on the home screen. They will not be able to access other parts of Mathletics, such as Games and Live Mathletics until these set tasks are complete.

2. Each set task is normally 10 questions long. If your child is struggling to answer a question, they can click on the 'i' button and Mathletics will show them the method used to work out the answer.

3. Once all of the set activities are complete, your child is free to explore the wonders of Mathletics. For a quick overview, watch the video below: