Photo competition - Win a Google Mini!

Round 4: Flowers and Nature

Hi everyone, Mr Hayhurst (our school photographer) is running a weekly

photography competition with a different theme each week. If you want to take

part all you need to do is send your photo to your class teacher.


These are the rules:

1) You must have permission if anybody is in the photo.

2) Remember: e-safety - do not include any names, addresses or personal information on the photo.

3) You should try to take the photo yourself (someone from your family can help you if you really need it but it's not a parent competition!).

4) You can use any camera you want or even a mobile phone.

5) You can only enter one photo each week.

6) Get creative and edit photos if you can, have some fun with it!


This week's theme is Flowers and Nature so we'd love to see what you can come up with!


Mr Hayhurst will choose one winning photo each week: one from years 1 and 2; one from years 3 and 4 and one from years 5 and 6 as a weekly winner. We will post these to our school Twitter account. There will be a GRAND PRIZE OF A GOOGLE MINI at the end of the whole competition, chosen from all the weekly winners, so get snapping!

flowers and nature.jpg

Round 1 Winners: Fun in the snow.

Round 2 Winners: Toys.

Round 3 Winners: Reading and Books.