Special Educational Needs

All the children currently on the SEND register are under the provision of SEN Support. This means that they have been identified as having additional needs. Their need will be identified in at least one of the following five areas:

  • Communication and Language Needs

  • Communication and Interaction Needs

  • Cognition and Learning Needs

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

  • Physical and Medical Needs

All teachers are responsible for every child in their care, including those with special educational needs. At St. Margaret’s CE Primary we have internal processes for monitoring quality of provision and assessment of children’s needs.  Where necessary we seek additional support from external agencies.


The identification of SEN is built into the overall approach to monitoring the progress and development of all pupils.  Where a pupil continues to make less than expected progress, despite evidence based support and interventions that are matched to the pupil’s area of need, the school considers involving specialists. We may involve specialists at any point to advise us on early identification of SEN and effective support and interventions. 


Class teachers identify emerging difficulties and respond early. We also listen to and address any concerns raised by children themselves. Where appropriate a child should always be involved in the review of their Individual Education Plan.


A child’s Individual Education Plan is reviewed 3 times a year and parents are always offered the opportunity to meet with the class teacher and/or the Inclusion lead to be part of this review. In this way, parents/carers will be fully aware of the planned support and interventions and, where appropriate, plans will seek parental involvement to reinforce or contribute to progress at home.  Copies of a child’s Individual Education Plan are always sent to parents/carers. Part of the role of the Inclusion Lead is to liaise with parents/carers of pupils with SEN with the class teacher. This is preferably done through face to face meetings but can be by email, letter or phone call. If you wish to contact our SEN Coordinator, Anita Coleman, you can do so via the school phone number.