School Values

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School Aims

The Governors and Staff at St Margaret’s CE Primary School with the support of parents and carers, will aim to secure for each child:

  • An educational experience of the highest quality

  • A strong foundation of skills and sound preparation for life

  • A challenging, creative, stimulating, safe and caring environment

  • Appropriate resources to support learning and achievement

  • A committed team of adults working in every child’s best interest

  • An establishment and system responsive to every child’s needs.

Our School Ethos

In relationship with St Margaret’s Church, The Diocese of Manchester and the wider community, the school takes care to thoughtfully nurture the promotion of spiritual values that reflect its richer culture, secular and religious intake. In practice, this means that everyone is given equality of opportunity, irrespective of race, culture, religion, gender or ability.


Such an approach maximises and develops the strength of its Church of England foundation, namely to grow as an inclusive school community, where spiritual values of caring and respecting and achieving are promoted.